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Cut and paste the source code into your web page.  Choose the link you desire.

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For Sale By Owner - 50 States

<a href="">For Sale By Owner - 50 States</a>



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Although it may appear complicated it is really not that difficult.  If you have any experience with creating web pages you have no doubt seen HTML view in you web page editor.  Start by copying the code that appears in the table under the banner or button you like.  Then place the cursor where you want the button or banner to appear in your web page and paste the code into your page.  Save your changes and upload your page to your server.  Done!  Thanks in advance for linking to us. 

NOTE: Affiliates to 50 States FSBO must first save the graphic to their server. Once you have placed the text or graphic on your web page you must then link the text or graphic to Fifty States FSBO using the unique code created by your affiliate control panel. Do not use the codes listed above! If you have any questions feel free to email us at We would be happy to help.

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