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For Sale By Owner 50 States Affiliate Program

Attention web site owners

Add revenue by referring customers to For Sale By Owner 50 States! 

We pay you a 20% commission as our affiliate each time someone from your web site purchases a listing or signs up for our associate program. In addition, we offer a two tiered commission structure where you will earn an additional 5% commission on any website that you recruit as an affiliate.

By adding a link to Fifty States FSBO you will be adding a great source of income for yourself and a great source for your visitors to find affordable homes at substantial savings all across the USA.  Simply fill out the application and register as an affiliate of Fifty States FSBO. When you have completed the registration you can log-in and immediately copy the link that has been created especially for you to uniquely identify your website so we can track any traffic coming from your website. In addition, there are instructions on how to add the link to either a text or graphic on your site that will direct visitors to our site. Once you have your code in place on your web site you can start earning referral commissions immediately.

How does the Affiliate program work ?
We give you a specific code to place on your web site.  When visitors to your web site click on our link they will be taken to our web site.  We will track their activities and if they purchase a listing we will credit you with 20% of the listing fees we receive from the leads you have sent to us.

How do I track the leads and traffic that were sent to Fifty States FSBO?
After registering, we give you access to our Affiliate Login and you can track all of the information about the traffic you have generated and the commissions you have earned. From this control panel you can create as many unique link codes as you wish. Why would you want to create more links? You can place different links on different pages of your site and you can easily track which pages on your site are enerating the best results. Simply put, you can track your advertising.

How do you get paid?
We will send you a check each month for fees you have earned that month.  If you earned less than $50 in a month we will send you a check when you have accumulated $50 in fees due.

How to Become a Member?
Sign up is absolutely FREE! We believe in the power of networking. We invite anyone with a Web site to become an affiliate. No hassles and no minimum traffic requirements. All it takes is four simple steps:

Read our Affiliate Agreement
Fill out an application
Place graphics or text link to us on your site
Set up your links (Hyperlink the text or graphics with your personal affiliate URL that we supply)

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Banners & Creative
If you are an affiliate, or would like to become one please use the link below to view our banners and text links. If you would like custom creative banners or text links for your site, please feel free to contact one of our representatives.




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