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If you were to sell your home for $225,000.00 a 7% commission

 would cost you $15,750.00 Wow!

If you use our plan and you sell the home yourself

you pay 0%

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So what exactly is a Flat Fee MLS listing? Let's take a look at a traditional real estate transaction so we can better understand the flat fee system. In a traditional sale listing a seller hires a real estate company to sell their home. Traditionally the broker charges between 6% and 7% as a commission. Once listed, the broker will place information about the home for sale in the local MLS service. The service is comprised of all the participating real estate brokers in the area. As an incentive to other participating brokers and agents, the listing broker offers a commission split (generally 1/2 of the listed commission) to any agent or broker who brings a buyer. It's as simple as that.

Now the savings! When you use a Flat Fee MLS service you are paying a broker a flat fee to list your property in the local MLS service. In doing so, you would then only be obligated to pay the commission split (remember it is only 1/2 of a normal commission) to the participating broker or agent who brings you a buyer. Your immediate savings in near 50% of a normal commission! Here is the best part, if you sell the home yourself without an agent you pay absolutely nothing other than the initial fee to list the property. That's a zero percent commission!

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The For Sale By Owner 50 States Flat Fee MLS Listing Benefit

Purchase the Premiere Plan for only $349.99* and get:

Flat Fee MLS Listing- Your home gets listed in your local MLS service. Real estate agents will see your home in their MLS system. You decide what you are willing to pay a buyers agent.

Free Listing on Realtor.com - A database of homes for sale by real estate agents nationwide. Note: Not available in all mls services.

Free Realtor.com Listing with the Flat Fee MLS Service!

For Sale By Owner 50 States Listing- Your property gets listed in our national database of homes for sale by owner and all the bonuses that come with listing with us.

For Sale By Owner 50 States National MLS Listing!

Professional "For Sale By Owner" Yard Sign- We ship you our heavy duty, weather resistant yard sign which directs buyers to your listings on the internet.

Free For Sale By Owner Yard Sign with our Flat Fee MLS Listing!

Note: If you are listed in the mls in the following states you cannot have an FSBO yard sign on your lawn. You must display the listing broker's sign.

Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana, New Mexico, Louisiana and South Carolina.

We are listed on all the major search engines providing tons of exposure for your home. It is a well known fact that a huge percentage of home buyers are now using the internet as a primary tool for located a home. We know that in the near future the internet will become the dominant player in the real estate market. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to save thousands when you sell your home?

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Note: If you are thinking of listings with a "traditional" flat fee mls only service you will ONLY GET LISTED IN THE MLS! With our service you get EVERYTHING! You will get both exposure to buyers searching our national For Sale By Owner website AND buyers shopping with a real estate agent for a home!

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Alabama Flat Fee MLS

Alaska Flat Fee MLS

Arizona Flat Fee MLS

Arkansas Flat Fee MLS

California Flat Fee MLS

Colorado Flat Fee MLS

Connecticut Flat Fee MLS

Delaware Flat Fee MLS

DC  not available

Florida Flat Fee MLS

Georgia Flat Fee MLS

Hawaii Flat Fee MLS

Idaho Flat Fee MLS

Illinois Flat Fee MLS

Indiana Flat Fee MLS

Iowa not available

Kansas Flat Fee MLS

Kentucky Flat Fee MLS

Louisiana Flat Fee MLS

Maine not available

Maryland Flat Fee MLS

Massachusetts Flat Fee MLS

Michigan Flat Fee MLS

Minnesota Flat Fee MLS

Mississippi Flat Fee MLS

Missouri Flat Fee MLS

Montana Flat Fee MLS

Nebraska Flat Fee MLS

Nevada Flat Fee MLS

New Hampshire Flat Fee MLS

New Jersey Flat Fee MLS

New Mexico Flat Fee MLS

New York Flat Fee MLS

North Carolina Flat Fee MLS

North Dakota Flat Fee MLS

Ohio Flat Fee MLS

Oklahoma Flat Fee MLS

Oregon Flat Fee MLS

Pennsylvania Flat Fee MLS

Rhode Island Flat Fee MLS

South Carolina Flat Fee MLS

South Dakota not available

Tennessee Flat Fee MLS

Texas Flat Fee MLS

Utah Flat Fee MLS

Vermont Flat Fee MLS

Virginia Flat Fee MLS

Washington Flat Fee MLS

West Virginia Flat Fee MLS

Wisconsin Flat Fee MLS

Wyoming not available



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