For Sale By Owner Real Estate Yard Sign

For Sale By Owner Yard Sign

Approximately 60% of homes sell because of the yard sign alone!
Which Real Estate Sign Would You Want In Your Front Yard?

Poor example of a FSBO yard sign
The professional real estate yard sign

The effort you put into selling your home has a lot to do with the outcome. If you buy a $2.00 real estate yard sign that is only 12" x 12" and use a black marker to write your phone number on it, the chances are good that people are not going to take you seriously as a seller. There is a reason that real estate companies spend a lot of money on their real estate signs. They want to give the public the impression that their company is professional and can get the job done. The Fifty States for sale by owner yard sign will give your FSBO property the same look as professional real estate companies. Our for sale sign also directs buyers to where they can get information about the property for sale. (THE FIFTY STATES WEBSITE!) Many house hunters do not want to talk to salespeople but they DO want information about homes for sale. The easiest way to get the information is through a multiple listing service (or MLS) where information is available 24 hours a day.

Be Professional And Attract Home Buyers

You have to give a professional impression to potential buyers. If you are serious about saving THOUSANDS in commissions on the sale of your home you MUST spend some money on marketing your home to prospective buyers. This includes a professional real estate for sale sign and occasional advertising in the real estate section of your local newspaper. Plan on spending at least $300 to $500 on local newpaper ads. That's about all that a professional real estate firm would have to spend on advertising your home! How can that be? Simple. They use a multiple listing service to expose their listings and a professional yard sign. (Remember: Approximately 60% of homes sell because of the yard sign alone!)

Is This Starting To Make Sense?

We recommend REPROCOR™ sign panels over any other sign material available today. REPROCOR signs are available in 8mm. (3/8") grade. It is a 100% plastic sheet. It is totally waterproof. Because the background color is molded into the REPROCOR™ realty sign, backgrounds won't become faded or dirty. REPROCOR™ For Sale signs don't warp like polyethelene, swell from moisture like duron (Pressed Board), or dent & scratch like steel sign panels. Imitations are usually made on a much thinner 4mm. grade and won't hold up to the rigors that your real estate signs must endure.

How Do You Get Your Sign?

If you signed up to list your property with Fifty States FSBO and selected our PREMIERE PLAN the sign is included in the package. We will ship the sign to you. There is nothing more to do. However, if you chose our FREE listing you would have to purchase a sign if you desired one.

Because we are so serious about using a professional looking sign, we are willing to sell our signs for a very reasonable $25.00 plus shipping (shipping is approx. $9.00 due to the size and weight). This price includes a 32" x 24" sign seen above and a very heavy duty sign stand designed to attach to our special REPROCOR signs. When you receive your sign you place your phone number and your listing number on the sign and you are done!

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