FSBO Real Estate

Instructions For Our FSBO Real Estate Listings

Step 1   Registration -  You start the process by selecting Sell A Home.  Choose a plan and pricing link.  You will then be directed to a page to enter your personal information.  This information is used ONLY to allow buyers to contact you about your home.  Your privacy is very important to us.  See our privacy policy.  The email address and password you enter will allow you to log in later and edit your listing or add and/or change the pictures of your real estate.

Screen shot of registration form:

Screenshot of the registration form

After submitting the form you will receive an email from 50 States FSBO containing a confirmation link. This will take you to a form for entering your real estate listing into our system.  Email confirmation is a necessary step to verify email addresses and eliminate fraud.

Step 2  Select A Plan - Next you will see a screen that allows you to choose the plan you wish to use.  Choose your plan.

Screen shot of plan choices:

screenshot of your plan options

Step 3  Enter Your Property Information -  You are now ready to enter information about the home.  Start by selecting the state the home is located in along with the type of property you are selling (eg: Single family, Condominium, Townhouse) then click on CONTINUE to go to the next page of requested information about your property for sale.

select the state and real estate type

This is the first page to input information about the home you are selling.  Complete the page and click on CONTINUE.

complete the home details

Enter information then click on CONTINUE to go to the next page.  If you forget to fill in a line you may receive an error message with a red box around the line you need to correct or complete.  Lines with a red star indicate that information in that box is required.

enter style of home and room details

Complete the next page and again click on CONTINUE to continue entering your listing.  All of the information is necessary to allow buyers to see as much information about your home as possible.  In real estate, information is power!

enter as may optional items as possible


Enter room dimensions.  You can use approximations or just leave them blank.  You can later return and EDIT your listings to add the dimensions if you wish.

enter the room dimensions


Enter all of the information you feel applies.  These items are optional. However the more information you provide - the better off your listing will be.

enter optional items

Last page of entry information.  When completed you Click "ADD YOUR  LISTING" to submit the listing.

additional real estate information

Upon submission of your listing the following page will appear.

final details

Congratulations!  You have successfully entered your listing.


Step 4 -   ADDING PICTURES.  Now it's time to upload a picture or two of your home.  Start by clicking on ADD/EDIT IMAGES.  You will then see the following page:

adding pictures of your home

adding pictures of your home

You may type a caption that will appear under your picture on the listing sheet, or you can simply type the address.  Then click on BROWSE to open the file search box on your computer to locate the picture.  Once located, select the picture by double clicking on the name of the picture.  The location of the picture file should now appear in the image line.  You are ready to click on SAVE the image(s) at the bottom of this page.  When pictures appear in the boxes you have successfully uploaded the picture(s).

Congratulations!  Your real estate listing is complete and is now on the Internet for millions of homebuyers to see!



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