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Why For Sale By Owner?

The internet is changing the way the real estate market does business.  Fifty States For Sale By Owner was created by real estate professionals, and professional marketing specialists with many years of experience.  Our proven techniques make it possible to sell your home faster than traditional methods.  With the power of the Internet it is now possible to expose your property to millions of potential home buyers.  Normally that would have required the services of a real estate agent or broker. 

Benefits For The Seller:

Sell Your Own Home and Save Thousands Of Dollars

A typical realty agent charges a 7% commission to sell your home.  On a house valued at $200,000 that is a commission of $14,000.00.  By listing your home with Fifty States Realty you put that money back in YOUR pocket.  In addition, if your goal is to sell your house quickly you always have the option of lowering your sale price in comparison to the other homes on the market and still save yourself thousands of dollars.  This clearly makes your property more attractive to potential real estate buyers. Calculate your potential commission savings.

Sales and Marketing Control Over Your Property

Who knows your home better than you?  By listing your home with Fifty States FSBO you have the power to input information on your property exactly the way you want it to be presented.  Your property's listing can be easily changed and updated by you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On Fifty States FSBO, when you input your property listing it becomes IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE across the Internet.

National Exposure For Your Realty Listing

When you list your home with a realty firm your house is listed in a local Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) exposing your home only to other LOCAL realestate agents who belong to that particular Multiple Listing Service.  When you list your home with Fifty States FSBO your home is exposed to the world through the internet.  Potential home buyers use search engines like Yahoo, Google, Inktomi, Alta Vista, Kanoodle, and more to immediately find  Then they can view our extensive database of homes for sale by owners.  Realty brokers have cumbersome and complicated buyer referral programs.  These frequently get bogged down in "Who Get's The Commission?" issues. All the broker does is provide the same services that Fifty States provides via the Internet!

Multiple Options

By using Fifty States FSBO you have the option of selling your home entirely by yourself, or enlisting the services of real estate agents affiliated with Fifty States FSBO.  Choose the level of service you desire. You may be interested in our Flat Fee MLS service. If you ever need their assistance at any point in the process we'll get you the services that you need.  In addition, your home can be listed in your local Multiple Listing Service to expose your home to all the real estate agents in your area.

Professional Look and Feel

If someone is looking for a home in your local area it only makes sense that they will drive around the neighborhood they are interested in.  This is why nearly 60% of all homes sold are sold because of the For Sale sign in the front yard!  When you list your home with Fifty States FSBO you get a heavy duty and professionally designed Fifty States For Sale By Owner lawn sign that tells potential buyers your home is being sold professionally!  Who hasn't driven by the house with the small, letter size, "For Sale By Owner" sign nailed on a stick with the phone number written in black magic marker.  It doesn't provide a very good first impression. Our professional signs coupled with our professional internet presence makes it possible for us to guarantee your satisfaction.  SEE YOUR SAMPLE SIGN...

Automatic E-Mail Notification

We provide automatic e-mail notification to pre-registered buyers who have added themselves to our Free Email Alerts System and want to be notified when a property that fits their profile has been listed.

Downloadable Forms

We give you FREE downloadable forms that you will need when selling your home.  Lead based paint disclosure forms, property condition disclosures, sample contracts and more.

Benefits For The Home Buyer:

Home Buyers Save As Well As Sellers

Our sellers have the ability to offer their homes for less than the traditional homes for sale with a real estate broker because they are saving thousands by not having to pay a commission to an agent.  This also allows more leeway for price negotiations than the traditional way of selling a home.

Search Real Estate Listings 24 hrs a Day

No more waiting for that real estate agent to get back to you with information on a home you were interested in.  No more waiting for the agent to schedule a showing for you only to find out that the home is sold.  Now you can search our web site 24 hours a days 7 days a week right from the comfort of your own home.  Seeing the interior of homes without having to make an appointment saves you valuable time and avoids unnecessary inconvenience to home sellers as well.

Home Buyers Tools

Use our tools for buyers including a mortgage payment calculator, amortization tables, national mortgage rate information, pre-qualification form, free reports, automatic email notification of listings that match your wants and more.

Best of all the service is absolutely FREE!


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